If you are wanting to get started but are not sure if you want or need a full coaching package, take advantage of the Getting Started Package.

This will assess where you are at now and where you’d like to take your business.

This step will help you clarify what is needed to take your business to the next level.
You can either take this plan and run with it from here or we can work together on implementing the tools, strategies and systems needed to reach your goals.

If you choose to continue with the Accelerated Program, the Getting Started fee will be credited to your first month’s fee.

Do you feel like no matter how much is coming in, it’s never enough?

Do you think your business is making money but you’re not really sure?
Do you feel like your business is running you instead of you running your business?

This package is a great fit for people who:

  • Are working too many hours and making too little money
  • Are finding it a chore to go to work since starting their own business, where it was once fun
  • Know their trade but lack the skills needed to build their company into a thriving profitable business
  • Sometimes feel it would be easier to do the work themselves than manage their employees
  • Want to increase their bottom line
  • Want to take some time off, go on a vacation, spend time with family and friends, knowing that their business is working for them
  • Want a business that supports their life (rather than the other way around)

This package includes:

  • A Contractor Assessment Questionnaire that looks at every area of your business. It identifies the areas of your business that will most impact your overall success.
  • A Business Review – a 1.5 hr zoom session to look at those areas of the business to invest time and energy into, that will most impact the bottom line. We will then make a list of strategic steps needed to achieve your goals.
  • A Business Blueprint Outline for moving forward.
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